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May 19, 2020 @ 7:40 pm

Episode 38: The Time Traveling Tomb, Bigfoot FBI Files & Bigfoot Conspiracies

On Episode 38 of the Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast Sara & Jeff are back at Rougarou Studios to discuss a London's Time Traveling Tomb, The Bigfoot FBI Files, and Bigfoot Conspiracies.

We start off the podcast at a closer distance now that some restrictions have been lifted to discuss the news, including a T-Rex Walking Club, Quarantine Ghost Sightings, Sword Fighting in Kansas, and early man vs meteorites.

After the news, Sara digs into the Time Traveling Tomb in London. In the middle of Brompton Cemetery in London stands a tomb surrounded by trees and was erected in the early 1850s, intended to be the final resting place of a woman named Hannah Courtoy and two of her three daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. However, for many visitors to the cemetery, the tomb’s missing key and lack of access have led some to believe that something strange is going on inside—that it's secretly a time machine.

During the second part of the show, Jeff starts off talking about the FBI files that were released last year, and the unfortunate reality that they found nothing of note. However, the fact remains that the FBI found Bigfoot to be intriguing enough to look into and it also led to the Bigfoot conspiracy rabbit hole Jeff fell into. Is Bigfoot an alien? Do Sasquatch bury their dead? Is Bigfoot out there banging cows in the fields? We get INTO it on Episode 38.

This week's top 10 list is "Top 10 Reasons Bigfoot is Wanted by the FBI"

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