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November 11, 2019 @ 10:07 pm

Episode 33: Interview with Dana Holyfield: Honey Island Swamp Monster | Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast

On Episode 33 of the Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast Sara & Jeff travel to Slidell, LA and the Pearl River area to meet with Dana Holyfield and discuss the Honey Island Swamp Monster! 

Dana is the granddaughter of the late Harlan Ford, the man who first saw the creature in the 1960's and then discovered and cast the Honey Island Swamp Monster's tracks (see image below). Dana is also an author and documentary filmmaker and has spent countless hours speaking with eyewitnesses and documenting the story of Louisiana's swamp creature. 

As a bonus, in the first few minutes of the show we had the opportunity to speak with Dana's mother - and the daughter of Harlan Ford - Sharon. 

We had such a great time recording this episode and hope you enjoy!

This weeks top 10 list is Top 10 Signs You Might Be a Bigfoot

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